Advanced Server Patch Notes 1.5.56

Advanced Server Patch Notes 1.5.56! New hero debut in Advanced Server Mobile Legends Bang Bang! Sticky Gloo!


Gloo the Forest Goo, is not available for purchase yet, but a free trial will be offered for a limited time in the Advance Server.

Hero Feature: Composed of mysterious creatures that merge together, Gloo is a mischievous troublemaker on the battlefield.


Skill 1 – Slam, Slam

Gloo reaches out and slams the ground, dealing damage to the enemy and leaving a Goo behind. After 4s it explodes to damage nearby enemies, immobilizing them. Gloo can also make the Goo explode immediately by touching it.


Skill 2 – Pass, Pass 

Gloo stretches forth to damage enemies in its path, immobilizing them. If this skill hits a Goo, then Gloo charges over to it, dragging enemies in its path over with it.


Ultimate – Split, Split 

Gloo splits apart, during which time all Goos may move together freely, damaging targets they impact.

Use Again: Gloo attaches itself to a target enemy hero with full Sticky stacks, during which it can freely cast skills and Basic Attacks, and for each instance of damage it receives it transmits some on to its host.


Passive – Stick, Stick 

Enemies gain a stack of ‘Sticky’ each time they’re hit by Gloo’s skills, decreasing their Movement Speed Stacks up to 10. when hitting a Sticky enemy with a Basic Attack, Gloo restores HP.



[Beatrix] (↑)

This week we mainly optimized Beatrix’s weapon swap and Basic Attack’s UI displays, while also slightly increasing her Ultimate strength and reducing Nibiru’s firepower a little



Beatrix’s skills can no longer have Spell Vamp. She will gain a certain amount of Physical Lifesteal instead.


Nibiru – Basic Attack (↓)

Slightly reduced the Attack Speed inherited by this weapon.


Renner – Ultimate(↑)

Base Damage: 600-1000 → 650-1050

Reduced the scope of initial fan-shaped fire and the sway of the weapon to increase accuracy.


Bennett – Ultimate(↑):

Base Damage: 450-690 → 480-720


Wesker – Ultimate(↑):

Base Damage: 280-420 →  300-440


Nibiru – Ultimate(↑):

Base Damage: 225-315 → 240-330


 Special Skill(~): 

This button has been moved to be beside “Recall”, and the interaction experience improved.


[Revamped Argus] (↑)

Optimized the gaming experience of his enhanced Basic Attacks and Ultimate.


Damage of the first 2 attacks: 60% of Physical Attack 100% of Physical Attack Fixed the bug where enhanced Basic Attacks on Turrets would heal Argus.



Cooldown: 80-60s →  70-50s


[Bane] (↑)

Slightly increased the power of Physical Skills; also increased the strength of its Magic Skill in the early game at the cost of that of later stages, making earlier farming easier.


Skill 2(↑):

HP Regen 8% → 10% of lost HP Magic

Power Bonus: 240% → 200%

BaseDamage: 150-350 → 180-380


[Barats] (↑)

Barats’ survivability was greatly boosted in previous adjustments, but his overall  abilities didn’t meet expectations. In light of this we’ve slightly increased his damage output to return them to a reasonable range.



Max HP Bonus of enhanced Basic Attacks: 2% → 3%


Skill 1(↑):

Max HP Bonus of the first attack’s damage: 6% → 7%


[Dyrroth] (↑)

The Son of Darkness was already starting to have trouble fitting in with the current version, so we have augmented his early-stage regen capability a little.



HP Regen from enhanced Basic Attacks: 40% of damage dealt = 50 + 40% of damage dealt


[Wanwan] (↑):

Readjusted some damage values so that she can farm at a reasonable speed and won’t be too weak.


Skill 1(↑): 

Base Damage: 60-120 → 100-200



Players can now see more clearly from the buff icon how long is left until the Ultimate can be cast.


[Yi Sun-shin] (↑)

Readjusted some damage values so that he won’t be underpowered in early middle stages.



Damage of the first Basic Attack after enhanced: 110-200% → 120-200%

Damage of the second Basic Attack after enhanced: 55-70% → 60-75%


[Benedetta] (↑)

Slightly increased her damage, to compensate for the drop-in flexibility.



Base Damage: 100-140 → 120-160


[Popol and Kupa] (↑)

Skill 3(↑):

New Effect: Traps grant the target’s vision.


[Alpha] (↑)


Cooldown: 20-12s → 16-10s


[Johnson] (~) 

We’ve made some changes to raise Johnson’s skill ceiling. We’re very glad that so many have been driving with him throughout the Land of Dawn! However, we’ve come to notice that despite auditory warnings, it was still difficult for enemies to react in time to Johnson, and they often end up getting crashed into as a result As such, we’ve improved the warning mechanic of Johnson’s Ultimate when he starts driving, clearer alerts will be given to all opponents. We hope this doesn’t take any of the fun away from players who use Johnson, and gives opponents fair time to react.



During the drive. Johnson’s vision is exposed.



We’ve observed that there’s something of a disparity between the strengths of choices offered by Vale’s Skill 1 and 2, and so we have made some adjustments, We hope that now the choices won’t be so one-sided any more.


Skill 1 – Wind Blade: Scatter(↑):

Cooldown: 4s → 3s


Skill 2 (before and after the choice)(↓):

Magic Power Bonus: 120% →  80%


Skill 2 – Windblow. Fix(↑):

Magic Power Bonus of the remaining whirlwinds damage for each hit: 20%


[Brody] (~) 

In order to reduce the difficulty of dealing with him, we’ve made it so that Basic Attacks cannot be initiated before Skill 2 ends.To compensate for this, some damage values have been readjusted.


Skill 2(↓):

Cannot initiate Basic Attacks while this skill is in progress.



Base Damage: 300-540 → 340-580


[Gusion] (~) 


Fixed the bug where enhanced Basic Attacks on Turrets would heal Gusion.


[Silvanna] (↓)

As Basic Attacks can trigger and be benefited by the Passive, we’ve had to make some changes to limit damage output.



Magic Power Bonus of Basic Attacks: 75% → 60%


[Esmeralda] (↓)


Immobilization: 1.2s → 1s


Lithowanderer: Killing the Lithowanderer will now leave a friendly one in its place. It will patrol the river beside the mid lane and expose the vision of enemies that approach. Can be attacked by enemy heroes.


Added a filter by lanes of heroes to the Ban/Pick and Hero List interfaces.

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